Anonymous: "things will "slow down" or things won't ever resume again?"

well i’m very sorry anon i’ve only finished my hsc this week and after that i’ve had to do a lot of things for signing out of school and cleaning up and selling things. i’ve been busy to the point where i haven’t even had time to catch up with big brother nor have i seen the finale so yea, i haven’t been able to give you content and i’m sorry but if it doesn’t please you then feel free to unfollow or reblog others’ gifs. it takes a lot of work to run a blog about a show that uploads an hour of footage almost daily. this is something i do for fun and because i enjoy the show, it’s certainly not a job, so the last thing i need is for some anonymous person to make me feel guilty for not updating this because my life got really busy with end of high school exams and life in general. 

to all those people who actually sent me good luck messages when i was doing exams - thank you. that was very kind and sweet and i appreciate the gesture so much. i am truly sorry i did not manage to gif any of the last few weeks of BB13, but i will definitely be back for BB14.

as i catch up with the show, i will try to gif some of my favourite moments although i can’t guarantee anything. thanks for the support you guys have shown to this blog during this season. thanks for reblogging the gifs, for following this blog and for sending me messages. i hope to see you all for next season.


Hi everyone,

Just letting you all know, I have started my HSC this week (after high school university entry exams in case you don’t know) and I have a pretty tight schedule for the first two weeks which is why I haven’t and will not be able to update much for the new two weeks. I haven’t seen any episode after Ben’s eviction, so please bare with me. By the end of next week, things will slow down and I’ll be able to catch up with the show and requests. I greatly apologise, you guys deserve better, but I do have to prioritise these exams.

I hope you all understand, and thank you for your patience.

Anonymous: "in regards to ed having instagram, he does! it's on private though folks! his twin brother isn't though. edlower is his instagram name"

Here you go! 

Thanks to all the other people who submitted the information :) 

Anonymous: "Does ed have Instagram?"

I’m not sure!

Does anyone know the answer to this?

first-step-to-fashion: "I think Tully's actual tumblr is teesmyth(.)tumblr(.)com as said on her instagram tee_smyth"

My mistake, I forgot to mention she had two tumblrs. The link I gave before is what is written on her twitter, but yes - that is her as well.

unfortunately-im-the-nice-one-d: "Does Tully have tumblr? If she does, do you know what it is?"

Yes she does! Click here!