Big Brother Australia 2014: A storm is coming! 

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Anonymous said:
in regards to ed having instagram, he does! it's on private though folks! his twin brother isn't though. edlower is his instagram name

Here you go! 

Thanks to all the other people who submitted the information :) 

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Anonymous said:
Does ed have Instagram?

I’m not sure!

Does anyone know the answer to this?

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I think Tully's actual tumblr is teesmyth(.)tumblr(.)com as said on her instagram tee_smyth

My mistake, I forgot to mention she had two tumblrs. The link I gave before is what is written on her twitter, but yes - that is her as well.

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Does Tully have tumblr? If she does, do you know what it is?

Yes she does! Click here!

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Anonymous said:
There is a live stream on the 9 website and the Today show website.

:) There you go. Thanks anon!

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